A New Illinois Flag

For too long, the people of the state of Illinois have had to tolerate a flag of questionable worth. It may have once been right for the state, but is it right for... an empire?

We are Nomadic Warriors for Pritzker, the Midwest's premiere non-sedentary political interest group. We are united by one dream: anointing J.B. Pritzker the Khagan of America. In pursuit of this dream, we are proposing the current flag of the State of Illinois be replaced with a battle banner worthy of this state's glorious future.

The time for such a shift is at hand: in his wisdom, the Great Khan of Springfield, J.B. Pritzker, has recently signed a bill creating a commission to explore designs for a new flag. 

The Current Flag

Flag of Illinois

The current flag is a travesty. An eagle, confusingly perched on top of a precarious-looking shield, gnaws at a banner that may well be a piece of garbage. A malformed sun meekly peeks out over prickly grasses and a spiritless river. All of this is set upon a white void: a blank nullity. This is a vexillological catastrophe. Designed over 100 years ago, and last updated over 50 years ago, this flag does no justice to our state. It's time for a new flag, and a new vision. 

Our Proposed Flag

Flag of Illinois

The Nomadic Warrior Flag, designed by @beauxhemia

The Nomadic Warrior Flag keeps the eagle, but now, instead of blankly tossing a banner back and forth, he is in proud flight. He is the hunter, lordly sovereign of the steppe, bearing his talons as great thermal currents carry him aloft. He represents the might of the Khan.

He soars above a maize field, representing the life-giving earth, and the crops and steppe grasslands that have given us so much wealth. Behind him, the blue vault of Heaven, whose span the Illinois Empire will one day encompass. Finally, in the foreground, we have the name of our great state written in the ancient Central Asian Orkhon script, also known as Old Turkic. It represents the connection we feel to steppe empires of old.

This flag is a true reflection of the spirit of Illinois. It is the perfect ensign to fly over every school, courthouse, and government building, or to lead a column of mounted archers. 

What can you do?

For now, we muster our forces. Once the Illinois Flag Commission has set up public comments, we will have information of how to submit public comments in support of the new flag.

In the mean time, feel free to contact us, or reach out at pritzkreig2024@gmail.com

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